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Meet the Chess Team


Name: Michael Auger

USCF rating:2238

Year in school: Senior

Major: Communications

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Basketball, playing guitar, writing music

Favorite Opening: The Hippo

Name: Aakaash Meduri

USCF rating:2076

Year in school:Junior

Major: Creative Writing

Hometown: Westmont, Illinois

Chess Achievements: qualified for 2013 final four

Hobbies: basketball, listening to a good episode of Radiolab, and meditating

Favorite Opening: seasonally dependent, but currently 1. b4

Name: Ozzy Bommannan

USCF rating: 1725

Year in school: Freshman

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Dublin, Ohio

Chess Achievements: tied for 3rd at 2008 national elementary championship

Hobbies: reading, table tennis, violin

Favorite Opening: The handgun

Name: Saagar Gupta

USCF rating: 1818

Year in school: Senior 

Major: Buisness

Hometown: Morton Grove, Illinois

Chess Achievements: Captain of 2010 IHSA State Championship- Niles North High School

Hobbies: soccer, tennis, business

Favorite Opening: Queens gambit

Name: Iskandar

USCF rating: 2366

Year in school: Freshman

Major: Undeclared

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Chess Achievements: 3 times Uzbekistan junior champion, St. Louis chess club champion, Missouri Scholastic Champion

Hobbies: soccer, computer games

Favorite Opening: sicilian dragon

Name: Saumil

FIDE rating: 2212

Year in school: Freshman


Hometown: Mumbai, India

Chess Achievements: won 2008 state championship

Hobbies: watching movies, solving math problems

Favorite Opening: Sicilian

Name: Eric Rosen

USCF rating: 2406

Year in school: Junior

Major: Math and Computer Science

Hometown: Skokie, Illinois

Chess Achievements: 2011 national high school champion, 9th place at 2011 world U18 championships, 2012 national high school bughouse champion

Hobbies: photography, tennis, soccer, pingpong, volleyball

Favorite Opening: The Karpov

Name: Justin Duda

USCF rating: 1806

Year in school: Freshman

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: New York City

Chess Achievements: President of high school chess team and lead team to win the 9th and 12th grade sections of the 2013 Grade National Championship.

Hobbies: piano, drums

Favorite Opening: grand prix

Name: Nathan Beauchamp

USCF rating: 1776

Year in school: Freshman

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Urbana

Chess Achievements: I played second board for my high school team and contributed to the team’s top-10 IHSA state finish for four consecutive years.  First place finish at 2013 Tim Just Winter Open (Reserve section).

Hobbies: viola, tennis, video games, reading, music composition

Favorite Opening: Sicilian Najdorf

Name: Jefferson James

USCF rating: 1663

Year in school: Senior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Chicago

Chess Achievements: First board Simeon High School

Hobbies: speedcubing, video games, piano

Favorite Opening: Caro-Kann

Name: Akshay Indusekar

USCF rating: 2203

Year in school: Senior

Major: Economics

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

Hobbies: Bouldering, Poker, imagining

Favorite Opening: Sodium Attack

Chess Achievements: 2014 final four of college chess, national master, 2011 Illinois open reserve champion, 2012 winter open undefeated against 5 masters

Name: Ram Gupta

USCF rating: 2062

Year in school: Freshman

Major: College of Business, undeclared

Hometown: New Delhi, India

Chess Achievements: Bronze Medalist in Asian Schools Chess Championship, 2013

Hobbies: reading, video games

Favorite Opening: Sicilian defense


Name: Palak Patel

USCF rating: N/A

Year in school:Senior




Favorite Opening: N/A


Name: Julia Laski

USCF rating: N/A

Year in school: Junior

Major: Speech and Hearing Science

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Hobbies: Netflix, reading

Favorite Opening: N/A

Name: Jonathon Richman

USCF rating: 2077

Year in school:


Hometown: Saugerties, New York

Chess Achievements: won 2011 eastern class championship expert division, 2nd in 2011 continental class championship expert division

Hobbies: gaming

Favorite Opening: The Botvinnik


Name: Xin Luo  

USCF rating: 2260

Year in school:


Hometown: Shenzhen, China

Chess Achievements: Perfect 6-0 result at 2012 Pan-American Championships

Hobbies: Basketball, Math

Favorite Opening: Two Knight Defense